Adding Kitchen station

In the ORTY system you can add any number of kitchen station, and the Kitchen display solution is going to help you manage orders for each of your station and keep order status up to date.

Adding new kitchen station

In order to enter a new station, go to the "Kitchen" section and press the "Add new kitchen station" button.

  • Name* - enter the name of your kitchen.

  • Print a docket per dish - if you activate this option, when an order is in the kitchen, on the receipt will be printed only one dish.
For example, if one kitchen received an order for 5 dishes, then each dish will be printed on a separate receipt.

If you do not enable this option, then the dishes that come to the kitchen, provided they are connected to one kitchen, will be printed on one receipt.

For example, if the kitchen received an order for 5 dishes, they will be printed on one receipt, and not on five separate ones.

  • Product checklist - downloaded data shows the number of products (and modifiers in the product) that are currently in the kitchen, they can be loaded in one file and sent to print.

Product checklist downloading format:
Installation of the kitchen display app

The ORTY Kitchen display system is a modern order management app that is synchronized with the ORTY POS.

You can find out how to connect and configure ORTY POS here.

What Kitchen display system can help you with:

✔ Display the order queue in the kitchen;
✔ Help in managing orders that are in work;
✔ Allows you to mark prepared meals;
✔ Display color status for each individual order;
✔ Instantly synchronize with ORTY POS.

You can download the application to any Android device with version 4.4 and higher on Google Play.

It takes less than a minute to install the app and is ready to use right away.

You can find information on setting up KDS here.
Connecting kitchen to the products
When adding products to the menu, it is obligatory to connect a kitchen (process):
To choose a kitchen click on that field and you will have the ability to chose from the previously created kitchens:
Click "Apply" and the chosen kitchen is going to be connected to the product.

You can also tick several products by placing a check mark on the left to connect them to one and the same kitchen:
Dishes without connection to the kitchen will not get to the “In kitchen” process, and will be immediately displayed in “For delivery”, so you will not be able to track the level of the order's preparation, to set a timer and view the order queue in the kitchen.
Thus, in just 3 easy steps you are able to:

1. Add your kitchen.
2. Configure parameters for displaying products.
3. Connect the dishes to the kitchen.