Placing curbside pickup orders

In ORTY you can create an order that the Client can pick up directly from the parking lot.

How does it work

Thanks to the MacDrive and KFC drive we are familiar with the format of customer service through a car, when you can place and receive an order without leaving the vehicle, unfortunatelly not all establishments can afford such a system due to the location and budget.

ORTY has an alternative solution - a way to place an order through a car.

The system works very simply, a Client:

1. Creates an order on the website or in the mobile application, which you also receive from ORTY.

2. Provides the necessary data, selects the pickup location and payment option.

3. Receives instructions, parking coordinates and notifications that you can configure in ORTY for different communication channels. For example, SMS, email, Facebook or Telegram.

4. Upon arrival, sends a notification to the restaurant about his/her readiness to pick up the order.

5. Enjoys the speed and ease of delivery :)

A restaurant:

1. Receives an order from a Client.

2. Depending on the settings, the order is transferred to the kitchen by an employee or automatically.

3. After receiving a notification from the Client about one's arrival, the waiter takes an order to the parking.

4. Enjoys the speed and ease of delivery no less than a Client :)

All you need to get started is a parking lot and a Drive sign.

How to set up and start using “Curbside pickup” is considered in the article below.

Setting up the “Curbside pickup”
In order to use this function, first launch your website from ORTY, detailed instructions on how to do this are here.

If you have already launched the site, then all you need to do is go to the Self-service section to the “Curbside pickup” tab.

Activate the "Curbside pickup" option to use it and continue the settings.

If this type of order is disabled, then it will not be displayed to the Client when placing an order on the self-service website in the options “How do you want to get?”
In the ORTY system specify the following information:
  • Pickup location * - it is mandatory to specify the address of the restaurant parking where the Client can receive the order.

  • Curbside info * - inform the Client how does the order pick up works and what your fees are for car orders.

  • Curbside pickup fee - indicate the cost of the car order.

  • Curbside pickup is free for orders from - indicate from what amount in receipt the car orders are going to be free of charge for Clients.

The Client, in turn, placing an order on your website, will see the information you specified:

Returning to the settings on the ORTY website in the “Curbside pickup” section, you need to choose the way you would like to find the Client's car.
How to find the car - choose one of the two available methods to identify the Client's car.

  • Car details - to identify the vehicle, the Client will need to enter the obligatory data: make*, color* and license plate*.
When the order is ready, the Client clicks the button “I'm on the spot”.
pay attention

The Client can click “I'm on the spot” button on the Self-service web-site or do it with the help of a Telegram bot.

You can find more information about setting up a Telegram bot to inform Clients here.

Preliminary, the system will ask Clients whether they want to enclose car information.

If they click the "Yes" button, they proceed to filling out the form:
If they click the “No” button, then Clients are not going to see the form for filling in car information, and the employee will receive information to the POS app that the Client is on the spot and ready to pick up the order (but without specified information on the car):
  • Parking slots - to identify the car, the Client will need to indicate the number of the place where he/she parked.
Enter the number of parking spaces, so the Client could orient oneself in the number of available slots.
When making the order all the Client needs to do is chose the slot in which one has parked.
The cashier will receive a notification that the Client is in place to the POS app:
  • When placing an order from the parking lot:
  • When working with an order in which the Client specified the car information: