Labels printer

In this article you find information on how to:

1. Connect and configure the label printer;

2. Optimize the workflow by printing labels;

3. Print labels in the POS application when processing orders.

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Required technical parameters: at the moment, ORTY is assuredly working with label printer model Rongta RP80VI.

Applying labels in use:

When processing an order, you can print a label and stick it on the box with a dish, so the restaurant staff can easily identify whose order it is.

Printing labels will be relevant for takeaway orders, for curbside pickup orders, as well as for informing couriers and employees inside the restaurant.

Printing labels can help optimize the working process, it:

1. Saves employees time for clarifying the details of the order;
2. Helps avoiding conflict situations with Clients (confusing boxes with orders).
Connecting and configuring the label printer

For configuring the label printer, open the POS application on your device, go to "More", find “Settings” section. In the line for the IP label printer, click on “Not picked” to enter its IP address:

You can determine printer's IP by printing a test page on it.
This is all the setup required for this type of printer.

Please note that no additional settings in the back office are needed, the printer is ready for use!
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After adding the printer and saving the settings, you need to re-login to the POS application. Click on the “Logout” button and re-enter the “Phone/Username” and “Password” to login.

Label format and their application
The format of all labels is standard:

  1. Number of the order
  2. Client's Name
  3. Name of the dish
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The labels are printed for each dish.

Printing labels in the POS application when processing orders
При работе с заказами в POS приложении, вы можете напечатать этикетку на любом процессе, перейдя в настройки заказа и выбрав опцию “Печать этикеток”, при переходе заказа на процесс “Выдача” этикетка напечатается автоматически.

When working with orders in a POS app, you can print labels on any process by going to the order options and selecting the “Labels printing” option, when the order goes to the “For delivery” process, the label will be printed automatically.