Downloading and launching POS app

ORTY is a modern restaurant management system that allows you to keep control over your restaurant, cafe, bar, kiosk or even food truck using only your mobile phone.

In this article, we will go through how to easily and quickly set up a POS application.

Key features of the POS app

ORTY's POS application can be installed on any Android device with version higher than 5.0 with 2 GB RAM.
In one establishment you can connect an unlimited number of devices to the application.

With the help of this application you can:

  • Receive orders and instantly make payment.
  • View order history.
  • Conveniently switch to back office and storage.
  • Generate and submit shift reports, Z-reports (end-of-day reports).
  • Integrate cash drawer and printer.
Setting up POS application
Setting up payment methods
To customize payment methods for orders, go to the admin panel, chose POS section, and open the Settings tab. There you can select the convenient payment methods by ticking them.
pay attention

By default, you will have only one payment method “Cash” enabled.

In order for your customers to be able to carry out non-cash payments, activate the payment options using: “MasterCard / VISA”.

You can find out how to connect and configure these payment methods here.

In payment methods, you can also add the following:

  • Cashback - the ability to pay for an order using the accumulated cashback bonuses from previous purchases.
Please note, when making payment for an order using POS app, depending on the amount of accumulated cashback on the Client's balance, you can pay part of the order amount or the full cost of the order.

To find out how to create a cashback program, follow this link.

  • Voucher - allows to stimulate next purchases. These are automatically issued certificates/vouchers for additional positions or discounts.
There are several types of vouchers:
  • Deposit - you can add two positions to one check.
  • Discount - you can add one discount gift to one check.
  • Cumulative - one cumulative gift can be added to one check.
  • Gift, for a dish / tag / category / everything on the menu in unlimited quantities.
To find out how to work with gifts, follow this link.

Additionally, tick these payment methods if you want statistics to track how many payments were made by these methods:

  • Delivery card.
  • Cash delivery.
  • Invoice Payment.
Configuring information for displaying in a receipt
To print, you will need to add a printer, we will discuss in detail how to do this in the article.

In the Settings tab, after choosing a payment method, you can set the parameters for printing:

  • Print receipt on payment - this option controls the opportunity to print a receipt when making payment for an order.
If you disable this option, then the check will not be printed when making payment.

  • Print Chit - if you enable this option, you can print the chit bill at any stage of the process.
If you turn it off, the option for printing the chit will still be visible, but it will not be active in the processes “In kitchen” and “For delivery”. When trying to print, you will see the following message:
  • Print transaction ID - this option is relevant if the Client makes a non-cash payment (online), a unique ID code of the transaction will be printed in the check under the payment method.
It will have the next display format in the receipt:
Print set meal products - the Client will see in the receipt the dishes that are included in the set.

Printing the name of the Cashier in the header of the check - you can activate or deactivate this option.

Print phone number on the check - displays the restaurant number from the general settings section.

All of these parameters are optional - you can enable/disable any of them.

Receipt closing statement - you can leave a small message to your Customer who has made a purchase.

Print delivery receipt - can be printed on the processes “In kitchen” or “Delivered” depending on the settings you choose.

Print name in the header of the check, the name of the chain or a specific restaurant from the network.
General settings
After setting up the printing parameters for the receipts, you can customize the options for passing the shift - you can find out more about this following the link.

The options for handing over a shift directly depend on the reports generation and the roles of the employees who hand them over.

Also, you can get additional information on which employees roles exist in the ORTY system.
Downloading POS app
The link to download the POS application is in the Applications section of the admin panel.

You can download the application via a direct link from the ORTY website or from Google Play.
After downloading the application, open it on your device and enter the registration data that you have previously entered when registering in the ORTY system.

Or enter the registration details of one of the employees you have created in the "Personnel" section if you want to enter his/her POS account.
pay attention

The data format should be identical to the one you have entered on the registration site.

The phone number should be specified in the format: (no +) just the country code like (380..., 1..., 385... and so on).

Also, to work with the POS application, you need to connect a printer, more information on how to do this can be found here.

Thus, in two steps, you can install and customize your POS app:

  • allowing your team to keep track of orders;
  • setting the type of receipts for Guests;
  • generating and customizing the shift report (X-report).

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