Setting up a restaurant in the ORTY automation system

In order to set up your restaurant in the ORTY system all you need to do is complete 3 simlpe steps.

Filling in the general information

For adding new restaurant into ORTY go to "Restaurant" section or use the "Create" button in the admin board.
In the "General information" page fill in all the required fields*

  • The name of your shop
  • Contact information - phone number/email

Additionally you may specify:

  • Description
  • Address
These characteristics will be displayed to a Client on the self-service website, if you are willing to launch it, for a Client to get in touch with the restaurant, more detailed information on how to create and launch the website is waiting for you here.

If you add the address on the self-service app, when a Client clicks on the logo, the restaurant location will be shown, a Client will be able to check the location on the Google maps.
The address will be printed on the receipts and it is always going to be available in the ORTY admin board for redacting.

  • The logo image
After setting up the printer, logo will be printed on the receipts.
More detailed information of how to set up a printer you can receive here.

Setting the restaurant processes

In this step you can set all the main preferences of your restaurant work, on the page named "Process".

Choose the restaurant type:
Quick service restaurant - when selecting this type, you wont have the service at the tables option.

Restaurant with service at the tables - when selecting this type you are able to choose the service at the tables option and make use of the Self-servise.

Distribution center - this type exists for the internal work organization. When choosing this type of shop, the Self-servise option is unavailable.
Setting up the the order management
The customization of the process is necessary for work coordination of the kitchen personnel and delivery, using the kitchen display system and/or for Client's notification on the order status (for example: in kitchen, assembling, ready) when using the Self-service.
Make notice

If you change the order management during the restaurant working hours, all the ORTY Android app users will automatically log out from the system accounts on their devices and the unfinished orders will get annulated.

With the object of finishing the orders make sure that all of them have been previously closed in the system.

For setting up the order management you need to open the Process page and choose one of the tree types below:
None - the order changes to the status "Delivered" immediately after the payment.

Simple - contains 4 stages, differs from the Full by not having the Assembling stage.

Full - contains 5 stages, includes the stage Assembling that allows to receive confirmation from a kitchут about the dish readiness and the possibility of changing the stage to wrapping it up (assembling).

Ready for delivery/on hold stage informs a courier or a waiter of the fact that order is getting assembled and soon will be ready for handing over or delivery.

When ordering takeaway or curbside pickup a Client can also see the stage Ready for delivery/on hold, which means that the order has already been assembled and soon will be ready for the delivery.
Setting start of the business days
In order to notify Clients about the business hours of the restaurant, set them in "Start of the business day section".
Make notice, the format of these time slots is automatically set as full day (lasts from 00:00 till 23:59).

For example if the shop opens at 11 am and works till 2 am on Friday and till 2 am on Saturday.

Taking into account shift changes, delays from waiting for guests and other factors, it is necessary to set the time of the opening to start the count from it.

That is, as in the example above, if the establishment opens at 11 am, the revenue received on Friday will be counted from 11 am since Friday morning to 10:59 am Saturday. Thus, all unforeseen delays during shift are going to be taken into account.

If the shop is open 24 hours a day, set here the time of the night shift change.
Financial settings
in the "Restaurant" section the financial settings contain two fields:
You have several fields to choose the desired rule of rounding the service charge:

No rounding - the amount in receipt stays without changes.

Rounding - allows to make the rounding in cents:
  • Rounding up - a cent will round up into dollar.
  • Rounding down - cents will write off.
Service Charge, % - set the desired percentage of the mandatory service charge. A fixed service charge increases the total amount of the receipt. The Client's receipt will break up the amount for the dishes, as well as the percentage of the fixed service charge.

Please note that the fixed service charge applies only to the "Eat-in" mode of seating.
You can create and use diverse discounts for Clients in the restaurant:
You have several options to choose from:

You can turn the discounts off.

Allow the personnel to enter any discount.

Allow to enter the discount values, which you can create directly in this option by entering the Name and the Discount, %.
Analytics settings
Set the critical time of order execution.
You may set the limit in minutes, how much time your personnel has for:

- preparation and takeaway of the order;
- preparation and delivery of the order.

The orders which exceed the set time limit are going to be included in the report "Orders to pay attention" and they will be highlighted in red color when using the kitchen and assembling displays.

General settings
On the "Settings" page you may enter the following information:
The name of the shop.

Specify the language in which you would like to form the reports.

Choose the currency in which you are going to lead all the restaurant operations.

Set the turnover tax for the restaurant (VAT). This value is needed for the system to print it on the Client's cheque and also to help system gather the total revenue amount after the tax turnover.

Choose the time zone in which your restaurant located. It is necessary for the correct work of notifications or when setting the business hours.

If you are setting the restaurant chain be sure to download the logo of your chain.
SEO optimization
For the optimization of the search system (SEO), if you want your web site to look properly and above the competitors results when a user is searching in Google, set the tags (<title>), (<keywords>), and (<description>).
In this Google search result, “Crème de la Crème - for the whole family.” - title, “The best choice for comfortable evening in a family circle.." - description.

The keywords are used by the browser as technical information and they are not shown in information output.

The example of the query:
Thus only in 3 steps you can create your unique restaurant.