Using a Telegram bot for notifying employees

Optimize the internal work of the restaurant by setting up a Telegram bot for your employees to receive notifications regarding orders and their statuses, as well as when running low on stock.

More details about stock in the inventory can be found here.
How to subscribe to a Telegram bot for receiving notifications
Go to the ORTY admin panel in the Self-service section to the Notifications tab and in the Staff notifications block, click the "Subscribe to Telegram bot" button:
You will be redirected to Telegram, where you can copy the name of the bot:
After copying, paste the name in the Telegram search box. Click on the found bot to subscribe to it.
In the top right corner press Start to subscribe and receive notifications.
Select for what events you want to receive notifications: new orders from customers and/or running low on stock in the inventory.
To select one or two of the options, click on the event suggested by the system, for example, "New orders from customers" and select an establishment (one or more) by clicking on it.
pay attention

When you have picked the establishment on which you would like to receive information, a green checkmark should appear, notifying you that the establishment has been selected.

If you would also like to monitor the level of stock in the inventory, click the "Back" button and select this option. Mark with green checkboxes all inventories on which you would like employees to receive information.
In what format employees are going to receive the notifications
After subscribing, the employee will receive order notifications in the following format: order number and status, name and quantity of dishes, order amount, establishment and Client's phone number.
Also, when choosing notifications about the stock level, the employee will receive a notification with information about: the inventory, the name of the product, which is running out, and the amount of the remainder for the current period.
The system will also send notifications to employees at 09:00 every day about products which expire.

More details on how to set the product expiration date - here.