Where to start

from registration to creating the first sell
35 minutes

The first Step is the hardest…

But not for you!

Because here we gathered for you the detailed instructions, which are going to lead you through the most brief way starting from registration and to the first sell.

How is it working in 5 steps

Setting up the restaurant
In order to add new shop you need to fill in the required information in "Restaurant" section, you may find the instructions here.
Creating menu
In the "Menu" section you can create any menu and add there new Categories and Products, the instructions which may help you do it are here.
Adding personnel
The final stage in launching the system is adding personnel. All you need to do is enter required information about your team, forming their accounts in ORTY.
More information on setting Roles and Rights you may find here.
Downloading and launching POS app
For downloading Android POS app use this Google Play Market link.
Having done this step you can immediately start to take and pay the orders.
The instruction may be fund here.
Launching self-service website

After launching website you will get:

  • Your own website
  • Mobile app
  • Chat bot

A detailed instruction is here.